Episode 29: The Haunted Farmhouse (feat. Shelby Scott)
Odd TrailsJune 20, 202200:55:43

Episode 29: The Haunted Farmhouse (feat. Shelby Scott)

 Stories in this episode:

- Having a Drink with a Dead Man, by Leti (1:01)
- David's Shadow, by Rachel (6:02)
- My Abduction Story, by emodrakefan (15:55)
- 200 Year Old Haunted Farmhouse, by ctenc001 (23:36)
- The Red Light, by Tanu (30:57)
- My Stories, by Ashley (37:26)

Be sure to check out Shelby Scott's podcast at scareyoutosleep.com or search for Scare You To Sleep wherever you get your podcasts. 

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